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First Women Attorney in the Johnson County Bar

Karen Arnold-Burger  | Published on 3/12/2017
Karen Arnold-Burger had Gwen Falkenberg (now Gwen Mitchell) return go a Johnson County Bar Association event to accept an award for being the first woman attorney in Johnson County. You can find an article Karen wrote about her legal career in Johnson County here:  First Women Attorney in Johnson County Bar

Gwen showed a video of an appearance on What's My Line

Karen says "I kept meaning to write her and see about getting a copy, but it was not to be.  Finally a few weeks ago I decided to google her and I found her address and sent her a letter.  She sent me a handwritten letter, as did her son.  She is in the mid-stages of Alzheimer's, but she does remember our prior visit and was very impressed with how many women there are now practicing law in Kansas.  As an added benefit, he sent me a copy of the video.  I had it digitized and I have attached a drop box link to it. The What's My Line piece is followed by an Edward R. Murrow piece on her family and her sister, Marilyn Van Durber, the recently crowned Miss America. Gwen is also in that piece. Marilyn has gone all over the country talking about repressed memories of child sexual abuse by her father.  Their's is a tragic story." 

You can watch the What's My Line show here:
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